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  • August 14, 2014
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RELIGION: "Name dropping"


I was in a conversation last week and we were dropping names like flies. It sounded something like this: 

"You know him, well I used to work for him back in the seventies, in fact, his brother and I went to school together.”
 "His Brother? Not Sam from Valentine?”

 "Yes, Sam, the one who owns the oil company out of Dallas and is a millionaire now.”

"Did you know he’s my cousin?

"For real!”
 "Yea, for real, in fact I knew him back when he was just a runt of a kid, and that was before he worked for President Carter.” 

 "Did I tell you the time I met Carter? "No Way?”

 "I am telling you the truth, we had a meeting with just 10 of us along with the President of Slovenia. You know him, Mr. Slovenkiwe, the one who helped Reagan bring doe the wall. He gave me his book and then wanted a twenty for it.”

"Kind of sounds like the time I met Governor………

And on and on it went as we tried to out name those we knew. It sounded like the old journalist that threw a party and listed all the guests that didn’t make it, but were never coming anyway. "You know Obama couldn’t make it and I felt sorry for Britney; she was sick that day.”

We do it all the time. We drop names to impress. We drop names to influence. We drop names to show how important we are, and how our associations show our relevance and position. We maneuver and jostle our way to the top so that a handshake with the mayor is worth more than five handshakes with our neighbor. 

 But why? There is no need for that. There is a name higher than any other name, a name you can drop and say you know; a name that you can call father, lord, king, brother, and friend. A name you can know personally, and whose name is "Jesus.”

You drop that name and mouths will drop open with nothing more to be said. A name that people have died for and are living for and a name that impresses and convicts. It moves some to tears and brings kings to their knees. It causes many to rejoice and some to confess. The Bible says, "It is the name above all names.” (Phil. 2:9)

So impress your friends this week and drop the name of Jesus, our Lord, and I guarantee there will be a reaction, some good and maybe a few not so good, but in name dropping this name always comes out on top. Call him friend, brother, and king, but most of all call him, "Savior and Lord.”

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