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Nature Notes: Mountain Lions

Historically, Mountain Lions ranged from Canada to the southern tip of South America, including all of the 48 continental states. Today the mountain lion's range in the U.S. has been reduced to remote areas of the western states. In Texas, the mountain…
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SAT math scores in Texas fall to 22-year low, says College Board

Texas high school students slipped to their lowest SAT math scores in more than two decades this year, while reading scores on the college entrance exam were the second lowest during that period. Results released on Tuesday by the College Board, which…
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Nature Notes: Lechugilla

The 19th century Texas Ranger who wrote that in Texas "everything stings, scratches, or bites" certainly had this little plant in mind. The 12- to 18- inch tall Lechugilla is one of the most abundant plants in the Chihuahuan Desert. It frequently…
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TWC launches high-demand job-training program

AUSTIN – The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) announced this week the launch of the High Demand Job Training Program, a $1 million program to support collaborations between Workforce Solutions partners and local economic development councils (EDCs)…
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Weather Whys from Texas A&M

Q: I see the long-range forecast is out from the "Farmer's Almanac" and it predicts a very cold winter for most of the country. How accurate is long-range forecasting? A: It depends on exactly what you mean by "long range," says Brent…
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Nature Notes: Pecos River

The Chihuahuan Desert's northern boundary is the Pecos River. In places the Pecos is laden with salt. How does the river become naturally polluted with these salts? From its source on the east flank of South Truchas Peak, New Mexico's highest…
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Weather Whys from Texas A&M Geosciences Center

Q: You sometimes hear about efforts to create rain, and the term "cloudseeding" comes up. What exactly is cloudseeding? A: Efforts to control the weather – the correct term is "weather modification" – have been around longer than…
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Nature Notes: Grebes

Four species of grebe can be found in the region. Have you ever watched grebes dive? When the grebe is in no hurry, it can execute a beautiful arching dive, as if it were standing on a platform just under the surface of the water. When alarmed it can…
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Nature Notes: Creosote

For many people in the Chihuahuan Desert the smell of rain comes from creosote bush resins. Did you know it's been used as medicine for centuries, is the ultimate survivor in southwestern American deserts, and is a great ornamental shrub for home…
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