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Capital Highlights by Ed Sterling

Texas Railroad Commission Chair David Porter on Aug. 19 spoke against America's Clean Power Plan, a regulatory framework rolled out by the White House on Aug. 3. Texas is one of at least a dozen states lining up in opposition.
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Van Horn realizes 20% increase in sales tax revenue over 2014

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar will send cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose taxing districts their August local sales tax allocations totaling $760.2 million, which represents an increase of 7.6 percent compared to August 2014.
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Capital Highlights by Ed Sterling

A bronze statue of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate States of America, will be moved from the Main Mall of the University of Texas at Austin campus to UT's Center for American History for interior display, in accordance with a decision…
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Capital Highlights: 08-13-15

Even if the Texas Legislature did not intentionally pass a voter identification law that illegally discriminates against voters who are black, Hispanic or poor, the practical effect of the law is discriminatory and in violation of the federal Voting…
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Capital Highlights Aug. 6, 2015

The Texas House Committee on County Affairs met on July 30 to hear testimony on Sandra Bland and jail standards. Bland, 28, was pulled over by a state trooper in Hempstead on July 10. Soon after, she was placed in the Waller County Jail and was found…
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State Capital News 07-30-15

AUSTIN — Gov. Greg Abbott on July 22 issued a statement regarding the arrest and death of Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old Illinois resident who had driven to Hempstead in response to a job offer from Prairie View A&M University. On July 10, Bland was pulled…
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No economic downturn in Texas (Financial News)

A funny thing has happened to the economic miracle in Texas that liberals predicted would go bust along with oil prices. America's foremost state job creator of the past decade continues to produce opportunity and employment.
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Whataburger Test

The popular Texas restaurant chain Whataburger announced it will not allow customers to openly carry guns in their restaurants, despite a new law signed by Governor Greg Abbott in June.
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