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RELIGION: "Name dropping"

I was in a conversation last week and we were dropping names like flies. It sounded something like this: "You know him, well I used to work for him back in the seventies, in fact, his brother and I went to school together." "His Brother?…
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RELIGION: "The man behind the curtain"

What do Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Cape Cod, Massachusetts, have in common? Besides the fact that they are both splendid, waterfront communities, probably not much. Except this: Seventy-five years ago this week, these towns were the first public release…
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RELIGION: "Lifting our Heads"

Sometimes in church there are phrases in songs and in sermons that seemingly do not make sense, and for those that have heard me preach or sing, most would agree and say a loud, "Amen." I have heard songs and read scriptures where I just nodded…
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RELIGION: "Let go or be dragged"

A friend who has some experience with rodeo horses sent me a most picturesque proverb: "Let go or be dragged." Whether this phrase was first spoken by a Zen master who had achieved enlightenment on the mountainside, or by a battered cowboy nursing…
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RELIGION: "The God who sees"

Most of us who have been keeping up with the immigration dilemma understand that the issue concerning the arrival of the unaccompanied children on our borders is a nightmare that will carry on for years to come, especially for the young girls that come.…
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RELIGION: "Fight like a butterfly"

Decades ago, while speaking of an upcoming championship bout, Muhammad Ali constructed a poetic couplet of epic proportions. With glitzy words corresponding to his style both in and out of the ring, "The Greatest" claimed he would "Float…
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RELIGION: "Simple Faith" by Rodney Tilley

When you are in school, especially when you are a new pastor trying to get through seminary, there is a verse in the Bible that you learn all too well. Ecclesiastes 12:12 states "….There's no end to the publishing of books, and constant study…
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RELIGION: "Boncuks"

Years ago I learned a valuable lesson as I traveled on my missionary journeys throughout Turkey. I was in a remote village in eastern Turkey and I noticed that the children instead of running up and asking questions as they normally do were cowering…
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RELIGION: "Why Men Hate Going To Church" By Rodney Tilley

This weekend we will celebrate "Father's Day," but sometimes we celebrate just men, or to put it differently, the masculine role of men in our culture. Pastors in churches across America will preach sermons directed to men and churches will…
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RELIGION: "Are you strong enough?"

"Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you," Luke 6:27-28. Words and thoughts are not enough. Doing good involves all the things of daily life.
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