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Editorial -- "Just the facts, ma'am"

There are certain professions that inherently draw criticism. Lawyers, doctors, preachers, elected government officials, to name a few. Perhaps no other occupation receives more criticism than journalism.

Letters to the Editor Sept. 10, 2015

Dear Editor: Assessing consent for the establishment of the AFCI High-Level nuclear storage site in Kent, Culberson County, Texas, starkly illustrates the inappropriateness of leaving this sensitive choice up to a single county.

Letters to the Editor Sept. 3, 2015

About 28 years ago an annual tradition of honoring Veterans on November 11, began here in Van Horn. I have been humbled by the compassion and gratitude of two

Letter to the Editor (07-30-15)

Dear Editor: I would like to thank all of the readers for there positive feedback from last weeks "Letter to the Editor". It has come to my attention that not all of the readers have a way to contact me.

Letter to the Editor (2)

I was told to day that I have given up on the kids at CCAISD. For those who really know me, know that's not true. I don't give up on the kids, ever. I was told this because I believe they should change leadership, four years of poor performance…