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Letter to the Editor (07-30-15)

Dear Editor: I would like to thank all of the readers for there positive feedback from last weeks "Letter to the Editor". It has come to my attention that not all of the readers have a way to contact me.

Letter to the Editor (2)

I was told to day that I have given up on the kids at CCAISD. For those who really know me, know that's not true. I don't give up on the kids, ever. I was told this because I believe they should change leadership, four years of poor performance…

Op-Ed:Trump's Antics Don't Help The GOP

Just when we thought Donald Trump couldn't get any more outrageous, the front-runner for the Republican nomination attacked Sen. John McCain's military experience and record.

Letter to the Editor: Lane Brewster

A special thank you to all EMS, Volunteer Fire Department, Sheriff's Office, deputies, DPS and game warden who helped with the plane emergency on Sunday. Your rapid response and willingness to assist was much appreciated.

Letter to the Editor: Ron Holmes

I want to thank the graduating class, school board, and administration at Van Horn High School for the invitation to speak at the 2015 Commencement. It was an honor to have been asked and a bucket list item for me as well. While I did enjoy the experience,…

Hurd on the Hill: Unleash the Innovators

Let me ask you a question. Would you rather our best scientists spend their time in an office writing research grant proposals or in the laboratory finding a cure for cancer? This week in Congress we're working on bipartisan legislation which promotes…

Letter to the Editor: Joan Nobles

It is a privilege for me to send congratulations to the students, parents and teachers of your high school for having Ronald Holmes as your commencement speaker. As a single mother in the 60s, and early 70s, my family was blessed not only with exception…

Letter to the Editor: Joy Scott

I would like to express my appreciation to the community of Van Horn for all the support and friendship that has been extended to me during the past 25 years that I have resided in Culberson County. It is a bittersweet time for me as I take a temporary…