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First Day

It's the first day of school for these first-graders in Ms. Felicitas Hernandez's class. The new school year began on Monday, Aug. 25. Photo by Lisa Morton
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City council moves one step closer toward reopening of landfill

Keith Rutherford, project manager for Parkhill Smith & Cooper (PSC), made a detailed presentation on Tuesday to the city council regarding the status of the landfill. The Advocate reported recently that a study conducted by PSC indicated that the landfill…
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Technical issues today

We have had technical difficulties with our Advocate servers since this morning. This has also affected our email. To make matters worse, our internet service has been poor as usual. (No more Windstream after tomorrow!) We apologize to our online subscribers,…
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Modern marvel passes through town

It was just another typical Saturday morning in Van Horn. Up early, listen to the latest news, and head for the coffee shop for a late breakfast. Yep, just another typical Saturday morning. Until that is, someone shouted out, "Hey, what the heck…
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Lady Eagles Volleyball off to a great start

Lady Eagle Volleyball is well underway. With just 3 weeks into the season the Lady Eagles have already achieved many great things. We arrived at the Wink Tournament two weekends ago. We beat out all the small schools and kept up with the larger ones.
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No Advocate today

The Advocate will not be published today. We are taking a much-needed break this week. The Advocate will publish again on Thursday, Aug. 28.
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Study says landfill has 10 years remaining life

Just when almost everyone had declared our landfill as dead, City Administrator Fran Malafronte on Tuesday announced to council members that a new feasibility study gave the current site at least 10 years, with modifications. "It's beyond great…
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Got water?

Depending on where you live in West Texas, the answer just might be yes. Last weekend, southbound travelers on Highway 90 in the Lobo area, may have thought, "Wow, I didn't know there was such a large river here." The "river" was…
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