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The Money Man -- "Before The Fall" Part 1

In elementary school in the 1960s my best friend was a boy I'll call Peter Newman. His family of seven lived in luxury, a red brick palace with eight bedrooms and five bathrooms.
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Hurd on the Hill: Defending Our Digital Infrastructure

I recently attended the premier information security conference in the world and I overheard a hacker say that cyber security or defending digital infrastructure is like trying to cure hunger -- it's a prolonged struggle.
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Searching for home health care just got easier

Medicare has just begun publishing star ratings for home health care agencies to help consumers distinguish the good providers from the bad. Medicare pays for health care you receive in the comfort and privacy of your home if you meet certain requirements.…
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"We Are Mental" by The Money Man Tom Jacobs

We are all more human than otherwise. We don't behave rationally with money. Our brain plays tricks on us. We have emotions. You find a $10 bill on the street. How do you feel? Found money? Free money! The brain clicks into immediate gratification…
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Bambi Meets Godzilla by Tom Jacobs

In the forgotten, great and brief Bambi Meets Godzilla, Bambi frolics gently in the forest, to the sound of sweet music. Once we are lulled into the happy scene, a giant foot appears and squashes Bambi. As a college student in the 1970s, I found this…
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The Money Man by Tom Jacobs: Checking Account That Pays 12%

Once upon a time there was a New York City money manager who earned his client's 12%, year in, year out, for decades. He snared crowds of rich folks because of his dependable secret method. At 12% a year, money doubles every six years. Who wouldn't…
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